Poems on the Wall | Kempinski, Accra

In my travel lifetime I have stayed in all types of hotels from the very basic to boutique to super branded luxury, and on all continents.

I am increasingly choosing AirBnbs lately, but where the options are few I return to hotels.

Facade of Kempinski, Gold Coast City

Some of the things I look for when choosing a hotel; the list is not exhaustive and is not in any particular order are:

  • Price (value for money)
  • Location (proximity to reliable public transportation)
  • Rewards
  • Cleanliness
  • Decor

On my visit to Ghana recently, I spent a day at Kempinski, Gold Coast City, Accra, since I booked a spa service.

“Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City is more than just a hotel it is a luxury lifestyle destination …with the remarkable warmth for which Ghanaians are known”

Beautiful Spa Receptionists

I was happy that I got there early so that I could have moseyed around and by some form of serendipity I discovered the artwork – all African.

I would say that by far Kempinski, Gold Coast takes the prize for the hotel with the best artwork as decor.

I’m happy to share a few of my favorite pieces I in this blog.

I hope you enjoyed these pieces.

Synchronized Swimming by Modupeola Fadugba ~ Nigerian Artist

Tell me about what you look for in choosing a hotel.

7 Replies to “Poems on the Wall | Kempinski, Accra”

  1. Wow, that really is an impressive colleciton of artwork for a hotel! I also love artwork in a hotel. I also appreciate a hotel’s style, that can really leave a lasting impression.

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  2. This is really an impressive collection of Art Work…and actually art work that I would put on my wall. Did you get a chance to see other parts of the hotel like the rooms though? I will definitely add this to my list as I search for places to stay for our proposed SistahFren trip.

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  3. Artworks are very impressive, I can just imagine how much they cost. They help to enhance the aesthetic beauty of any hotel, glad that I can see something positive coming out of the continent of Africa especially Accra Ghana. Love to see when folks speak on the positive of Africa….

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