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Last year when I travelled on vacation during the summer (July/August), I made a promise to myself to avoid summer travel as it seems to be the busiest and most chaotic travel time of year, when there are long screening lines at airports, inevitable flight delays, crowded tourist spots and last but by no means least, the high temperature levels in the Northern Hemisphere.

Crowded Airport Lounge

I decided Spring would be better time to travel for vacation going forward.

Spring tulips blossoming in Amsterdam, Holland

As soon as 2020 dawned, I started planning my vacation and chose Europe, because I wanted to be in Monte Carlo for my birthday to watch the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters hoping to see my favorite tennis player and GOAT, Rafael Nadal. It would be the best birthday present I would ever give myself.

Rafael Nadal

In so planning my itinerary I tacked on London, Paris, Zurich and Nice as well.

I already have my plane ticket for London where I am staying with a friend and booked AirBnBs for Zurich and Monte Carlo. Nothing so far for France.

Then like a thief in the night comes COVID-19.

France is on lockdown as I write so that is out, any city there is a no go zone.

In the meantime, on the home front, the Government of Bermuda has placed travel restrictions on visitors entering the island from, China, Italy, Iran and South Korea, whilst travelers, including returning residents, coming in from France, Spain and Germany must self quarantine for 14 days.

There no no confirmed case of anyone being tested positive for COVID-19 in Bermuda thus far.

It’s two weeks before I am scheduled to leave Bermuda and I am at “Decision Crossroad” as to whether I should cancel the trip entirely or I should substitute the cities I plan to visit for others .

However, I am monitoring the situation for another week before I make a firm decision on cancellation.

In the interim, I am adhering to protocols widely recommended globally, including:

•. Washing hands regularly with and using hand sanitizers (always did anyway this is nothing new).

•. Avoiding crowded places – social distancing.

•. Staying away from the office if I am sick.

•. Coughing if I have to, into the neck of my elbows

From next week my workplace would be instituting a work from home policy.

I will also be savoring these views more than ever in the next few days.

Flatts Village Inlet
Another view of Flatts Inlet

Now I want to ask you, how has COVID-19 changed your travel plans?

5 Replies to “To Go or not To Go |Come With G”

  1. Not much really Glenda, I didn’t have any concrete plans after February thankfully, but had to cancel a weekend away to see family just before we locked down in the UK. Did you manage to get refunds for flights and accommodation? 🤞

    I’m thinking maybe to have a travel rest this year (try and save some money) and perhaps plan something to look forward to next year – if/when things are back up and running I imagine it will still be a while before things get back to normal – business’, hotels, flights etc….plus ‘herds’ of travellers with a ‘get out of jail card’ desperate for a holiday, packed beaches etc 😆lol.

    I think I’d rather wait…we’ll see…..
    Take care 🔆🙏


    1. Hi Cheryl I hope you are well and keeping safe.

      I applied for a refund in terms of a travel voucher from British Airways.

      Since I booked my AirBnBs before March 14 I will get refunds. This I imagine will take time. At this point I’m not to worried about the refunds. I’m just so happy I dodged the bullets.

      I will be very very careful about where I travel if at all for the rest of the year. I will be doing a lot of staycations not in hotels but in terms of sightseeing in Bermuda for the rest of the year. YouTube would be my friend for perhaps improving my language skills and learning to play and instrument.

      Do you have a Facebook page or Instagram account?


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