Staycate when you have no other choice.

Many Globetrotters are at this time experiencing travel withdrawal and anxieties.

From all reports, it seems that Europe is experiencing its second wave of the corona virus and several countries are going into, or going back to lockdown of some sort.

In the meantime, I can’t believe that it has been ten months already since I boarded a plane and that was for a Miami long weekend getaway.

Wynwood District-Miami

Next month, I will be invoking good memories of my trip to West Africa in December 2019.

Afrochella 2019

There isn’t a place in this world which hasn’t been impacted by the pandemic. If weren’t for COVID 19, I would never have heard about the territory of Wallis and Futuna 🇼🇫, located in the South Pacific which up to this point, has recorded one case of the virus.

The drug company, Pfizer, in collaboration with BioNTech, last week announced that it began the phase 3 trial of its vaccine against the COVID 19. So did Moderna. Both are showing more than 90% effectiveness. This is very good news for many, whilst we continue to avoid crowds, wear our masks and sanitize more than frequently.

What can and should we do, when we are accustomed to getting on planes, trains, boats, or taking road trips, several times a year? To counteract the itch for travel, some of us are doing staycations and others are doing virtual tours, inter alia.

Twizzy, one of the electric vehicle options

However, during this pandemic, as a returned ex-pat to Bermuda, I am taking the time to explore places which I hadn’t, the first time around, such as hidden beaches, caves and coves, architecture and parks. This list isn’t exhaustive.

Hawkins Islands

I’m learning a lot of Bermuda history as well, especially when visiting the historical town of St. George’s, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Unfinished Church

I always knew that Bermuda has the most cerulean blue waters but I can now say that the sunrises and sunsets are just as spectacular.

During the summer, spent many weekends enjoying the flights of the Bermuda longtails, whilst on walks and from the comfort of my patio.

Bermuda Longtails at Coopers Islands

Dining around has also become a thing for me from St. George’s to Dockyard and in between.

The Loren

Sporting events? Yes that as well. The PGA Bermuda Championship was successfully held last last months with tickets sold out over the four days on which it was held.

Port Royal Golf Course

Yes I would admit that I am ready to travel again, even before the end of the year, in spite of the many restrictions, but if it doesn’t happen I will continue to enjoy what’s in my backyard.

Victoria Park, Hamilton

Have you travelled during this pandemic? If so what was the experience like?


3 Replies to “STAYCATE”

  1. I have not done any traveling, however, what you are doing (enjoying staycations) has inspired me to do more in and around my own hometown. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I am off to planning my own stay-cations. Happy Thanksgiving!

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