Staycation in Bermuda | Loving It

COVID19 has been with us now for more than seven months.

The last time I was on a plane was February 2020 and that was a short trip to Miami. I stayed in the Wynwood District, one of my favorite areas in Miami.

Wynwood District Miami

Prior to the pandemic, I had planned a European trip for April, which would have taken me to at least five cities. I would also, by now, gotten off the island at least three times post April, since I usually take advantage of public holidays to travel. There have recently been three public holidays in Bermuda, in May, June and July.

But am I experiencing cabin fever?

Honestly, no. I do not feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Staycation is the only safe and practical option for me, for now, and I am relishing it.

Flatts Inlet

With less busyness, I am able to experience things with new eyes, hear the harmonizing of critters in the evening, enjoy the birdsongs as soon as I rise, smell the salty ocean etc. In short, my five senses are stimulated more.

Visit from a cardinal
Beginning of new life
Parrot fish standing out

What does Staycation look like for me?

Whilst I haven’t booked any weekend getaways in a fancy hotel with butler service, I am savoring my own little sanctuary more.

Outdoor Dining at the Loren

I am okay with having resumed working from the office. In that way, I can separate office from my haven. After working from home for a little over three months, I think the concept is overrated.


What else have I done during the pandemic?

I’m part of a walking group which developed organically. Once restrictions were eased we starting exploring, killing two birds with one stone, that is, exercising and sightseeing.

Watford Bridge, Somerset
The Unfinished Church in St. George’s


Even though Bermuda 🇧🇲 is only 22 sq miles, it is hugged by the ocean so cerulean, sprinkled with calm sounds, dotted with many islets and crafted into a big botanical garden.

Ready to sail

So far I have done two boat “cruises”. The first one was more intimate. Navigating the calm and waters surrounding Bermuda is so relaxing and anchoring in a well chosen spot to jump into the water is the best way to wind down a hectic work week.

The second boat outing was bigger and it was on a catamaran. We docked behind Watford Bridge and it wasn’t long before everyone, children and adults started swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or just bobbing and chatting, buoyed by noodles.

Rising Sun Catamaran

The Beaches

Now that we have the perfect summer, brach outings have been more frequent.

Tobacco Bay, St. George’s

More Exploration.

From East to West and in between, I have been doing it all and enjoying it.

Jobsons Cove, Warwick

One of my favorite things to see now is the longtails in formation.

“White-tailed Tropicbird or Bermuda Longtail (Phaethon lepturus catsbyii)

The White-tailed Tropicbird is almost always known in Bermuda has the ‘Longtail’ because of its distinctive tail feathers. This species is well known and much loved locally. Longtails are relatively large birds; adults can measure up to 30 inches (76cm) including the tail feathers, with wingspans up to 3ft (1m). The feathers are pure white, with diagonal black bars across each wing. These bars form a V shape when the flying bird is viewed from above. The wing tips are also black and there is a black band through the eye. The distinctive tail is composed of two extremely long feathers, surrounded by other short ones. Occasionally Longtails are seen that have lost both of the long feathers. The Longtail’s sharp, pointed bill is yellow in young birds, and turns to orange. The webbed feet are dark. Juvenile Longtails are white with various thick black bars on their backs, and they do not yet have the long tail feathers.” ~ Dr. David Wingate

I am also more appreciative of the amazing sunsets, enjoying them from the comforts of my patio with a glass of wine aka “sunset in a glass”.

Now that I have given you a glimpse into my pandemic I’d like to hear about yours.

12 Replies to “Staycation in Bermuda | Loving It”

  1. Has it really been 7 months? Who would have thunk it?? 😭
    I hope you and your family have been well. ☺️Bermuda looks amazing, you are so lucky to be living where everyone else wants to vacation. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and please take care!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Even though Bermuda 🇧🇲 is only 22 sq miles, it is hugged by the ocean so cerulean, sprinkled with calm sounds, dotted with many islets and crafted into a big botanical garden.”

    They need to hire you as Minister of Tourism😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glenda really beautifully described and presented. Your ability to recognize beauty in the simplest forms of nature is enchanting and infectious. I hope your positive and grateful approach can influence all of us to discover the beauty in our own spaces .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glenda, you do know how to live life at its fullest. With the pandemic all around us and with no end to it on sight, it’s critical to find enjoyment in life and you know how to make that happen. Hopefully someone in the near future you’ll be able to take us on another world adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

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