COVID-19 in Bermuda Part II | Come With G

I left off on my last blog post on March 28, when Bermuda had 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and I wrote that with effect from Sunday March 28, a curfew will take place from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. Read about that blog post here:

The curfew has now turned into a State of Emergency.

Credits to Bernews

By day 13 since the first announcement, Bermuda went from two cases to 27. At that time 10 persons had fully recovered.

Recovery” is based on the patient having no visible signs of symptoms after 14 days quarantine/self isolation, plus 72 hours. It not based on testing again since there are not enough kits to do re-testing.

By day 14, the number of cases went up to 32.

Photo credit to Bernews

At the day 14 marker, the test rate per population was 0.36% as compared to let us say, Trinidad and Tobago which had a test rate of 0.039%.

During the curfew, life continued on the Rock with residents driving, running, jogging, cycling and paddling boarding.

On April 2, the Premier of Bermuda asked the Governor to declare a State of Emergency take effect from this April 4.

Photo credit to Bernews

As I write the number of positive cases stand at 37 with 14 recoveries and six hospitalized.

Only persons with severe symptoms are hospitalized.

The Shelter in Place is basically a 24-hour lock down except for supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations.

However, the residents are allowed carry out their business at the above mentioned exempt places, to according to their last names, A-K, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. and L-Z on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sundays are reserved exclusively for seniors.

In terms of exercising, residents are allowed to exercise within a half mile radius of their residence for up to one hour. However, cycling and being on the water are not permitted.

Photo credit to Bernews

It is reported that 1,800 test kits are coming in on the British Airways April 6 flight. The flight is also bringing in stranded Bermudian residents.

On April 7 a Delta Airlines flight will be repatriating Bermuda residents from Atlanta.

Government is now encouraging everyone to wear a mask when out in public and this has started a new cottage industry for masks.

Photo credit to Bernews

These residents will be quarantined in a hotel for 14 days under public health monitoring.

We are going into the Easter weekend with Shelter in Place and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

How is your world changing amidst COVID-19?

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