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The Announcement of the First Cases

On March 18, the Government of Bermuda announced the first confirmed cases of COVID-19. They were two imported cases with one having entered Bermuda from Miami and the other entering from the UK.

The Hon Curtis Dickinson, JP MP Minister of Finance

Prior to the announcement, the Government had already taken steps to ban travelers from China, Italy, Spain, Germany and Iran.

After the announcement schools were immediately closed.

Additionally, it was mandatory for any person entering the country to self quarantine/isolate for two weeks as follows:

Self-quarantine with active monitoring.

Self-quarantine with public health supervision.

Self-monitoring with public health supervision.

Police checkpoints have been set up to “catch” quarantine breakers because there have been rumors floating around that those who are supposed to be in quarantine are not adhering to the protocols and are seen out and about.

Companies were also encouraged to allow their staff to work from home where possible.

Government regularly had and continues to have tripartite consultative discussions in view of the rapidly evolving pandemic.

Restaurants and bars have been closed but food is available for curbside pick up.

Work From Home

From March 17, the company for which I work, implemented a split shift system and a limited number of persons began working from home.

Last day working in office

However, our company took the decision on March 23, to have everyone work from home. Consequently, there was a frenzied scramble to ensure that everyone had the tools to WFH.

I positioned my MacPro in my galley kitchen so I could have a view of the Flatts inlet whilst working.

The first day we experienced system overload with improvement later in the day.

We work in Teams and thankfully mine is small consisting of 4 persons. We therefore set up a Chat Group and have a call every morning at 9:30 am.

Under normal conditions, I practice hot yoga regularly and I recently resumed playing squash at least twice a week. Whilst the yoga studio, Lucky Elephant Wellness, does virtual classes I have not been disciplined enough to participate whilst at home. I will resume squash in due course. I must.

Emily and Ewa, instructors from LEW

“After Work”, I take a walk along different routes.

People are still out jogging, running, walking their dogs, walking along the beach or just sitting contemplatively on park benches. Oh yes and putting down their fishing lines as well.

Fishing under the Flatts Bridge

Happily cabin fever hasn’t begun to set in.

Bermuda roads are winding and very narrow but at this time the traffic volume is low so the walking experience is better.

Last evening I walked to and from the supermarket approximately 45 minutes each way.

To date the grocery store shelves are still stocked and there isn’t the level of panic buying and long lines as seen in other places. Social distance isn’t maintained and shoppers are required to wash and sanitize their hands before entering the buildings.

Easter lilies in full bloom

To date of writing this post, there are 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bermuda and every one by and large are adhering to the restrictions rolled out.

From this coming Sunday there is a curfew beginning 8:00 pm to 6:00 am.

How has COVID-19 affected your world?

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  1. Hi Glenda!

    I’m sure you’ve heard of all the measures Cayman has taken. Glad to hear you’re keeping well though and managing to get some walks in.

    Take care and stay safe!



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