St. George’s Walkabout | Bermuda

In the town of St. George’s in the eastern parish of Bermuda, the Bermuda National Trust hosts a signature holiday event.

This Holiday Event takes the form of a Walkabout, where thousands of residents and tourists descend upon the narrow streets of the town to feel the pulse of its history.

This event took place on Friday December 6th this year and it was my first time attending this event even though I have spent a total of 12 years in Bermuda.

Many opted to make their way to St.George’s by ferry from the capital city of Hamilton.

The Christmas Walkabout is a wonderful way of touring the extraordinary living history of St. George’s World Heritage Site.

“Islanders and visitors mingle and celebrate in the cobblestoned crown jewel of Bermuda’s Unesco World Heritage Site — a wonderful opportunity to experience festivities Bermuda-style.”

~ Kevin Dillas, CEO of Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Homes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site opened their doors to the public to enjoy and explore, lavish seasonal décor of some of the oldest continually occupied buildings in the New World.

There were candlelit streets, historical re-enactments, live performances, shopping and carolling.

My goddaughter, third from right, was one of the violinist.

Old favourites such as the Old Rectory, Buckingham, Tucker House and the Globe Hotel were opened.

Many businesses offered sampling of their local traditional drinks and eats.

Below is a ceiling made out of Bermuda cedar.

Decorations made from local materials.

What is Christmas without a nativity scene. Photo courtesy Ms. Scott-Miller

The next activity, the Santa Claus parade takes place on December 14th.

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