Vegan 🌱 & Wine

As if I don’t spend enough time on social media, I created another Facebook page

Vegan mac n cheese

Before I started my vegan 🌱 journey a little over six years ago I was mainly vegetarian.

In the last few years the number of persons who are adopting a vegan lifestyle has skyrocketed whether it is for health reasons, animal activism or concern for the environment.

For me veganism and wine 🍷, are like twins, I cannot separate these two loves.

To assist and support me in my newly adopted lifestyle diet, I subscribed to many vegan groups but what I found, is that in many cases the contents which are shared and the ensuing discussions are unoriginal and uninspiring.

As we come to realize with social media, the same memes and images are recirculated over time, hence, I decided to curate my own experiences and hope as well that my page would be fun, informative and interactive. It is still a work in progress as the idea took form at the end of last month, whilst on a train from Montreal to Quebec City.

The Happy Cow App is my “go-to” resource when I travel to a new country to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants and their ratings.

As for Vino, I am by no means a connoisseur.

In the summer when it is hot and sultry my first choice is Pinot Grigio.

On occasions I would opt for a sparkling rose.

In the winter my choice is Pinot Noir and if unavailable I opt for Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec.

I intend to attend more wine tastings in order to sharpen my palate and to be more discerning.

Saturday Wine Tasting at Goslings, Bermuda (not my image)

Many years ago I visited a vineyard in California on the invitation of a dear friend. Back then I wasn’t really a wine lover so it was like “throwing pearls at swines”. I would like to experience a vineyard tour soon again.

In case you are wondering I’m still doing travel blogging and can’t wait to share my next big trip with you which would be in October.

I would love to hear if you are a wine lover and and what is your favorite wine.

Thanks to those who have liked and followed my page so far.

5 Replies to “Vegan 🌱 & Wine”

  1. But the busiest of persons are the ones who always find time to do what they love. Looking forward to the content and ask me anything about my vegan dishes although as you know I’m a Flexitarian 🤣

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