Chasing Moongates

One of Bermuda’s national symbols, the fabled moongate traces its roots to China and is said to bring good luck.

The Moongate was brought to Bermuda in the late 19th century, by a local sea captain who was inspired to do so after seeing them in a Chinese garden.

Moongates are made of local limestone and can be seen around the island in parks, private homes, hotels and offices.

It is said that there are at least 40 of these architectural features in Bermuda and since I returned to the island about six weeks ago I have been keeping a keen eye out for them in my quest to locate all.

In this blog post, I highlight the first of a few which I have seen.

Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton
Reefs Spa and Resort

Moongate Wedding at the Reefs Spa and Resort

La Serena Spa at the Reefs, Southampton

Chubb Building, Hamilton

Belvedere Building, Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton

Harbour Road

Queen Elizabeth Park, Hamilton – this is one of the earliest Moongates

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

So the Bermuda Triangle is not the only mythical thing about the island, the Moongate has its own mythical charm. It is believed that visitors who walk through the Moongates will always return to the island.

Is there any quirky thing about your island you would like to share?

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