Scandinavia and St. Petersburg 2018 – Trip Summary

16 nights

5 countries

9 flights

4 ferries

11 regional trains

Too many Uber’s and taxis to count

1 Stolen Wallet

The details


June 2018.

I left Grand Cayman on an AA flight to Miami, where I transferred to Delta for a flight to JFK then a KLM flight for a stop over in Amsterdam, then on to Oslo.

After settling into my AirBnb in Oslo, I ventured out to begin my Solo Walking Tour. I was pleased to be very close to Karl Johans Gate. I started off there.

Karl Johan Monument on Palace Square – Karl Johan was a Swedish-Norwegian King

Read more more it here:

Norway in a Nutshell Tour – a round trip (Oslo-Bergen) Train, Ferry and Bus Tour to see the fjords.

Read more about it here:

Scenic landscape of waterfalls, glaciers, orchards and chalets.


Next Destination was Stockholm by Train.

Again, as soon as I settled in at the AirBnB, I took the local train, the Tunnelbana for my Solo Walking Tour of Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is the old Town of Stockholm. By the way did I tell you I love visiting medieval cities?

Visit to Vasa Museum.

Vasa Museet houses the ship ambitiously commissioned by King Gustav Adolf. The ship floundered shortly after embarking on her maiden voyage on August 10, 1628. The Vasa was salvaged 333 years on the bottom of Stockholm’s Strom.


A 17 hour cruise ship ride took me to Helsinki.

Leaving the hotel after checking in, I stopped at the statue of Aleksis Kevi for a photo op before embarking on my foot and tram tour of the city of Helsinki.

Aleksis Kivi was a Finnish author who wrote the first significant novel in the Finnish Language.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral – Upenski Cathedral

Estonia 🇪🇪 – Tallinn

Whilst in Helsinki, I heard that the alcohol is cheap in Tallinn, but that is not the reason why I decided to take a day trip by ferry crossing.

Tallinn is Estonia’s capital on the Baltic Sea.

I started of with a Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour but since I was the only passenger the driver waited on me whilst I got off to take photos

Walking Tour of the Old and New City

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

St. Petersburg

I wanted to take the train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg but they were all booked up on account of the FIFA World Cup. I took a short 40 minute Finnair flight instead.

I lost count of the number of palaces, buildings, monuments, statutes and parks I visited in St. Petersburg and will write about them separately.

Faberge Museum Tour

Read more about it here:

The Coronation Egg

King Tutankhamen Exhibition

The Funeral Mask of King Tut

Turku – Finland

I looped back to Helsinki for two days before the long trek across the Atlantic. In that time I visited Turku. Turku is a city on the southwest coast of Finland and straddles the Aura River.

That’s a wrap … I will return to Scandinavia and Russia.

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