Goodbye Community Pool

The Why, What and When

Last week WordPressers received notice that, as of the end of May, the Daily Prompts, the Photo Challenge, the Community Pool and the First Friday will no longer be published. In case you missed it, read about it here:

My Journey

I remember hitting the “publish” button for my first blog post in February last year and what a high I got when I did it! Blogging was something I wanted to do for years and I kept procrastinating. I never gave thought to using any other platform but WordPress. I started off with the free service and after a few months I upgraded to premium. From then there was no looking back. I went on to create a Facebook page and an Instagram account @comewithg4649, to support my blog and vice versa.

I have been participating in the “Photo of the Week” challenge as well.

My Stats

So after 71 posts, 5,750 views, 2,863 visitors from all over the world, I and many other writers/bloggers will no longer have access to a Community Pool, as a place to give and receive feedback on our publications.

I am just eight (8) short of 200 followers, most of which I garnered through interacting, in the community pool. I was looking forward to posting about achieving the 200, milestone in the pool.

What I would miss

I always look forward to seeing that “Blue Featured Image” on Mondays so that I can jump in and say hi and to drop the link to my latest Blog. Community Pool was the best marketing outlet. I spent hours wading through blogs.

Thank You

I have connected with many awesome writers from whom I have learnt a lot and would continue to learn as I follow them. I have also followed many like minded and adventurous travel bloggers.

Before I go ….

I want to say thank you to the WordPress Team with special mention to Ben Huberman. All the best in your upcoming projects. Sending love 💕 from the Cayman Islands 🇰🇾.

10 Replies to “Goodbye Community Pool”

    1. Yes. We would have to find other ways to expand our following if that is the desired outcome. You have a nice niche there. Most of those artiste and songs I don’t know. Being from the Caribbean it’s reggae and soca for me.

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  1. beautiful send off… the resources offered by the Daily Post was so helpful in my gaining my footing. I will surely miss the networking opportunities that the community pool and first Friday provided.

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