Crusoe’s Land

Tobago’s pristine nature was allegedly the inspiration for the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Tobago also lays claims to inspiring the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The island was also the setting for the movie Swiss Family Robinson.

After Princess Margaret’s decision to honeymoon there during the 1950s, the island hosted the Beatles, Robert Mitchum and Rita Hayworth: “It is said, it’s the land of tomorrow/Princess Margaret say “Come Tobago for holiday/Now the whole world say “Come Tobago for holiday”.

Tobago is part of the twin island state of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and lies northeast of Trinidad. It’s area 116 square miles with a population on its own of approximately 61,000.

Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest rain forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere.

Some historical facts

Tobago changed hands 31 times — between the Spanish, British, French and Dutch — from 1498, when Christopher Columbus arrived, to 1814, when the British were able to claim it until 1889.

At the end of April I was in Trinidad for a conference and decided to take the 20 minute flight over to Tobago for a day on Saturday.

The annual Tobago Jazz Festival was taking place and I was invited to a brunch hosted by a friend for visitors attending the festival.

The village of Plymouth which is in northwestern part of Tobago was the perfect setting for this event. It is a 25 minute drive from the Crown Point International Airport. This area is known for its large black rocks close to the shoreline.

The other weekend visitors stayed in a three story hidden villa perched atop a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This was also where the brunch was held.

It was a warm and sunny day, just right for splashing around in the infinity pool or hanging over the ocean amongst the foliage.

The view from the upper patio.

Sit by the ledge of the large bay windows whilst sipping on a glass of champagne and enjoy the view.

We ended the day by watching the sun go down casting a silvery shadow over the ocean.

The definition of tranquillity.

This short but sweet visit to Tobago, the home of the flying fish, reminded me that I need to revisit my roots, spiritually, mentally and physically. Have you ever felt this way after visiting a place.

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