Zemi Thai House Spa in Anguilla

A Zemi or cemi was a deity or ancestral spirit and a sculptural object housing the spirit among the Taino people of the Caribbean. They were also created by indigenous South American cultures.

Zemi Thai House Spa is where Taino, Thai, India, Japanese and Turk intersect.

The Thai House was transported from Chiang Mai in pieces and reassembled in Anguilla.

In structure and intent, Zemi Thai House Spa is, quite simply, unique to the Caribbean. Adjoining an authentic 300 year old Thai House, it sits in complete harmony with its tropical surroundings, awakening mind, body and spirit to the cherished wellness traditions of the island’s ancient Taino people.

Had I discovered this Zen lush spot with lots of orchids, my favorite flower, before I opted for spending the day at a retreat in St. Martin, I would have enjoyed some hours of Bliss here instead.

In the last few hours I had remaining in Anguilla 🇦🇮, we requested a tour of the Spa before heading to the bar for a farewell drink.

Jahnesha was our guide and she did a great job in explaining the services on offer and the benefits of each, starting with the hammam, which is a Turkish bath. The temperature was set at Bickram yoga levels.

Jahnesha then showed us the bohique (a Taino shaman) mud deck.

She explained that after the Spa guest slathers on Zemi’s special mineral healing mix, he/she lies on the deck for 15 minutes and then takes a rain shower. This was the ritual of the Tainos who layered their bodies with herbs, fruits and salts. Once the body was painted with the various ointments they would lay in the sun to dry before bathing again.

After the rain shower the guest may then proceed to the therapeutic vitality pool, which also has healing stones. It certainly doesn’t end here.

By now the guest should be ready for his/her treatment which takes place in any one of the five oversized private treatment rooms with high vaulted ceilings, with hanging chandeliers giving the perfect lighting.

The suites are named after colors of blue – indigo, turquoise, lapiz (oops I forgot the other two!)

Zemi’s blends used for the treatments are in sync with the elements.

Wood for Rejuvenation, Fire for Energy, Earth for Balance, Metal for Detoxification and Water to Soothe.

Ila is the Brand. Ila is the Sanskrit word for ancient earth.

During the tour I couldn’t help but take a few minutes to relax on the relaxation deck, to breathe in the warm salty air from the Atlantic Ocean.

Zemi Thai House Spa invites you to come for a treatment and stay for the day but don’t forget to have a refreshing juice from the juice bar located under the authentic Thai rice house.

A downtime “me” day at Zemi Thai House Spa is definitely on my “to do” list when I visit Anguilla next time, given that the prices are quite moderate. Where is your favorite spa spot?

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  1. Hi, I found you on Community Pool. Nice to meet you!

    This was really informative and interesting, with lovely pictures to punctuate your descriptions. It is strange because this looks almost exactly like the place I stayed in Chang Mai in Thailand!!! It is incredible, but very believable that it was taken straight from there.

    One thought if it would be helpful, I would suggest adding an ‘about’ page. It is surprising how many hits these receive. Bloggers are really keen to read more about the writers.

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      1. No worries. My pleasure, it was a nice read with some fantastic pics.

        If you haven’t already and fancy, I would be grateful if you would check out my site. Leave alike or comment if you like, and if it strikes you and you hit ‘follow’, then you will make my day!

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