Just Another Sunday On The Blue

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has the potent power to think the things we like to think ~ Robert Henri.

How many times can you take a road trip on a 71 sq mile island before becoming bored? If you and when you reach that stage then you take that trip on the seas.

On any given Sunday if you don’t head to the beach you go out on a boat.

You can do a private charter, pilot your own boat or hire a captain.

Most boaters end up at the same destination – Rum Poin

t. with stops at Stingray City, a pretty sandbar, to get close up with stingrays where the water is waist high,

Coral Gardens for snorkeling and Starfish Point, where the bright orange starfish float in the sandy shallow waters.

Last Sunday I was invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday on a boat.

Excitement started to build as the left the brackish waters (lush mangrove) of the canal to head out to the open seas. We observed the beautiful houses built along the canal.

We spent 4 hours out at sea setting down anchor at Rum Point. It was like any other party on land with DJ music, drinks and lots of food with the exception you can go for a swim in the calm clear blue waters.

We pulled up anchor and headed back to shore as the sun set.

When we docked at the yacht club, the candles were blown out by the Birthday girl as the DJ play “Happy Birthday To You” by Stevie Wonder.

It was a day well spent.

P.S. On another note. I have just crossed my 100th follower, as I celebrated my first year anniversary of blogging. Hurray! That will be a topic for another post.

Which do you prefer a land outing or a sea outing?

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