“Prepare your minds and hearts for this revolution.” – Chronixx

“Jamaican musician Chronixx has ignited a torch in people’s hearts the world over and is confidently lighting the path for an entire generation of youths to rediscover roots and culture.”

Born Jamar Rolando McNaughton on October 10, 1992, Chronixx was musically nurtured from an early age by his father, dancehall artist Chronicle, and grew up surrounded by the likes of Burro Banton and Gregory Isaacs. His remarkable ascension in the music industry began in the background; harmonizing for artists such as Lutan Fyah and providing production assistance for tracks sung by Popcaan, Konshens and others.

Chronixx’s debut album Chronology has received a Grammy nomination  for the “Best Reggae Album” and I have no doubt that it will win the Grammy award in this category.

Throughout  2017, Chronixx and his band, Zincfence Redemption Band performed to sold out audiences, across the US, Europe and Japan.  He is wrapping up 2017 with a Caribbean Tour, having recently performed in Trinidad and Grenada. Next week he will be in St. Kitts.

On Saturday December 2, Chronixx performed at Pier One in Montego Bay to a packed captive audience. He was on stage the night before at Mas Camp in Kingston. It was was reported that many people who couldn’t secure  tickets for the Kingston venue  made the journey to MoBay in order not to miss the Jamaican legend.

I, like many others  traveled from overseas to attend the show and was beyond thrilled to see both Protoje and Chronixx on the same stage.

Similar to being in attendance at a local sporting event, there is nothing better than seeing an artiste perform before his/her  home crowd.  The vibes were special.

Even though there was police present to regulate the traffic heading toward the venue, vehicles were stuck in the traffic for miles.   In order not to miss any of the performers, many concert goers chose to park their vehicles far away from the venue and walk.  The gates were supposed to open at 7:00 p.m. but at 9:45 p.m. there were still long lines of patrons with tickets in hand waiting to enter Pier One.   The passage through VIP thankfully was much easier.

I arrived when the up and coming artiste Essah, the opening act, was on still stage.    He put on a good performance.

Next up was Protoje and his band Indiggnation. He thrilled the audience with his energetic performance, which he and his back up singers themselves enjoyed tremendously. His repertoire consisted of mainly social commentary which touched the souls of Jamaicans.

Amongst Protoje’s more recognized songs are:

  • Rasta Love – featuring Ky-Mani Marley
  • Protection – featuring Mortimer
  • Blood Money

Protoje shared his set with Sevana, Lila Ike and Mortimer.

Assassin also made a cameo appearance.

In between the acts, female DJ Sparks, kept the crowd entertained and hyped.

At around midnight, greeted by screams, applause,  the man himself,  accompanied by the muted music of his band, entered the stage chanting and dancing, acknowledging the ancestors and his faith, Rastafarianism.

He then launched into his “Majesty” a song dedicated to his girlfriend. I especially like this song. This was followed by “Black is Beautiful”, during which images of the beautiful afroed Ms. Jamaica were displayed on the monitors. The women in the crowd went wild with these two renditions.

He continued his musical onslaught with hits from his Chronology album including:

  • Smile Jamaica
  • Skankin Sweet
  • Spanish Town Rockin

No talk, no call to action, no roll call, just songs after songs after songs with every member of of audience singing along.

All ages and backgrounds were represented and speaks to the impact of Chronixx.

It was a night of beautiful reggae music but sadly because of the looming traffic situation I chose to leave before Chronixx brought down the curtains with “Likes” and the “Fling Your Shoulder” dance.

Chronixx will be touring Australia in 2018.

Watch out Down Under!

16 Replies to ““Prepare your minds and hearts for this revolution.” – Chronixx”

  1. Love this article!

    I too have a thing for Chronixx. 🤗 He is just amazing! What a shame that you had to miss the ending. He’s definitely a top performer of our time! And only in his mid 20s….he has so much more to give….so exciting! 😊😉

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