Chuquiragua Lodge & Spa

For three mornings I woke up to these vistas, whilst staying at Chuquiragua Lodge (Ecuador), located in Cuidad de Machachi, with its unobstructed background view of Cotopaxi volcano and other mountains.

I liked the views from every angle. All the units are designed with large windows. It was the ideal place to wind down a hectic vacation. I added a massage and a sauna on the last day.

The Spa

For two days I was the only guest and “chief cook and bottle wash” Antonio tried to cater to my every need. I’m easy to please though.

This is a perfect retreat place!

Front view of the Lodge

Cotopaxi in the background

Snow capped Cotopaxi

I stayed in the Cotopaxi room



Blue skies (no filter)

Chef Antonio

View from the dining room

Cotopaxi from another angle

Serenity in nature

Each room at this colonial-style property features a mixture of modern décor and colonial furnishings. The Lodge

has a community styled seating area and dining room. Dinner is served to all guests at the same time, family styled along one large dining table. Many guests use the Lodge as a “base camp” to venture out to other parts of Ecuador.

Chuquiragua – so Cosy

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