An Oasis in the Desert – San Pedro de Atacama

Atacama Desert, the driest non polar place on earth, is situated in northern Chile. San Pedro de Atacama checks the boxes for being:

☑️ One of the most natural, unpolluted places

☑️ One of the places with the bluest skies

☑️ One of the places with a spectacular sunset

☑️ One of the places where it’s own natural resources are used in building

☑️ One of the most self sufficient places

☑️ One of the places you experience four seasons in one day

☑️ One of the places where at night the stars look like diamonds

☑️ One of the most chill places

Sand dune, nice place for sand boarding Typical street in San Pedro de AtacamaVista before sunset at Valle de Luna Abandoned salt mine Church of San Pedro – Adobe structureTaito geyserHot spring -11C on the outside 40C in the springs

Getting there – 2 hour flight from Santiago to Calama and 1.5 hours drive from Calama

Accommodation – There are many hostels and moderate hotels

Tour Company – I used Condor Travel.

The author is a private wealth manager by day and a travel enthusiast in mind soul and body.

5 Replies to “An Oasis in the Desert – San Pedro de Atacama”

  1. This was such an intriguing snapshot of San Pedro, both factually and visually. Thank you for sharing! I’m always interested in learning on new places, and your post provided the perfect blend of intriguing factoids and photos. The image of the adobe structured San Pedro church is so stunning, as are the vistas of sand dunes and sunsets.
    I look forward to following your blog and seeing more posts! Keep ’em coming!

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