Tea Time in Kenya

There’s a whole lot of black tea in Kenya.

You cannot go to Kenya and not visit a tea farm. Kenya produces some of the world’s highest quality black tea.

We visited the Kiambethu Tea Farm situated in Limuru, which located on the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley.

Most of the area of Limuru is now what was previously known as the “white highlands“, a rich agricultural land just south of the equator. The term “white highlands” derived from the British and other Europeans who realised the productive potential of this area and settled in large numbers with the support of the colonial government, establishing coffee and tea plantations, cereal farms and ranches. The drive to Limuru is a little more than an hour’s drive from Nairobi.

The owner of Kiambethu Tea Farm, Fiona Vernon pictured below, is a fifth generation tea farmer.

Kenya is the world’s third largest supplier of tea after India and China

Pictured below are the matured tea plants.

On the drive up we saw workers harvesting and carrying their harvest to the pick up point where it is taken to the designated factory.

I loved the smell and taste at the farm.

Pictured below is the basket in which the tea leaves when finally selected are placed. Each stem when picked is carefully examined and only the best leaves are selected. It is a painstaking process in order for the leaves to be accepted at the factory.

After the tea leaves are processed at the factories, the product is transported to the coastal city of Mombasa the tea auction center, where agents from the major tea consuming countries of the world, the U.K., Pakistan, Egypt UAE, etc, approve same for blending and shipping to other parts of the world.

What you get for $33:

  1. Tour of the farm
  2. Lecture
  3. Tea tasting
  4. Local hot lunch in the lush garden with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and fresh juices

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