Memorial de l’Anse Caffard, Martinique.   

Here’s the story of this place:
On 8th April 1830, around non, a ship was carrying out strange manoeuvres off the coast of Diamant and around five 5 o cast anchor ⚓️ in this very place on the dangerous coast of Anse Caffard (Caffard Cove).   

A resident of the neighborhood, Francois Dizac, manager of the Habitation Plage du Diamant, property of Comte de Latournelle realized the ship was in danger but a heavy swell prevented his workers from launching a boat 🚣 to warn the captain that the ship ran the risk of running aground. He merely sent signals that the captain didn’t see or didn’t want to see.   

At 11 pm sinister cries and cracking sounds shattered the silence of the night.  

Dizac and a party of slaves from the Habitation were promptly on the scene only to see a horrible sight. The sight dislocated on the rocks, its passengers tossed around by the raging seas.   

Then the rescuers saw a great number of panic stricken men holding firmly to the foremast which broke and carried them away once and for all into the foam and rocks.   

The ship was completely destroyed, its name and nationality have not been established by historians.   

On the next day, 9th April 1830, at dawn, 46 bodies were recovered.  

The slave traders bodies were buried at the Diamant cemetery and the African bodies “a short distance from the shore” at this very spot.   

This memorial consists of 15 statues made with reinforced concrete with white grit and sand from Trinidad and Tobago.   

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