How Would I Manage Without My IPad Et Al?

I did a very quick informal FB survey amongst my friends to find out what they thought of the recent laptop and other types of electronics “in cabin” ban, on flights originating from Middle  Eastern countries and at least two North African countries.  

I asked what they would do if they were to be on any one of those very long transatlantic voyages.  

Here are some of the reactions, statements and responses:

 Jan – “I never use devices in flight, I spare my brain (the little I have), my eyes and body.  A good hard copy book is always better” 

 Francina – “ When I am on a long haul, I try to find a row of seats that is empty, so that I can lay out and sleep if necessary” 

Kimo – “Sleep and re-strategize.  12 hours gives you a lot of time to think about what’s wrong or what’s right in your life. Some folks can use their time to get close to their creator” 

Charmaine – 1. “Drink copious amounts of wine and then sleep” 

2. “Travelling with your partner could equal twelve hours of good bonding time” 

 Kathleen – “sleep!” 

Esperanza – “Chair yoga, sleep!”  

Nicola – “Read self to sleep!”

Rae – “Try to figure people out without speaking to them … imagine their life story … when all else fails, pray!” 

Dav – “it will definitely affect people like me who ply their trade on a laptop on a plane”

Based on the consternations expressed above, I have compiled my own supplemental list which I think if followed can ease the pain of boredom if you find yourself sans laptop and iPad on a lengthy trans Atlantic flight.   The recommendations may also be applied to shorter flights.    

1. Do adult colouring.

2. Solve lots of crosswords, Sudoku and logic puzzles.

3. Walk and stretch more often.

4. Do backward bends and forward folds.

5. Get friendly with the airline crew, find out how they do it.

6. Listen to your favourite music and organize your playlist.

7. Journal and write notes and letters by hand.

 8. Listen to pre-downloaded podcasts of your favorite topics and podcasts of languages you are trying to learn.   

9. Think of starting a blog.


Happy flying!

Glenda Jack is never able to sleep on flights no matter the length.  Even though she has flown many times then some, she still experiences in flight anxiety.   She is seeking recommendations.  

3 Replies to “How Would I Manage Without My IPad Et Al?”

  1. You can’t sleep on flights? Oh gosh, if I’m really tired I will sleep before takeoff. I remember my companion and I lol-ing on our last flight while occupying the exit rows and the flight attendant said “no sleeping or removal of shoes during takeoff and landing” and we were trying to see if we would both stay awake!

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  2. I like your list, Glenda. I’ll definitely be incorporating some of these especially since they’re things I don’t get to do at home with a 1 year old. Long flights would be good “me time”.


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