Have Passport?  Will You Travel?

Right on the heels of the announcement that the US and the UK have banned electronics of a certain size being brought on board flights into the US, emanating from “Muslim majority countries” and some airports in North Africa, is the attack as on the British Parliament today March 22, 2017, being deemed a terrorist attack for now.    Five persons are reported dead, including a policeman and the attacker.   Sympathies go out to the families of the deceased.

The attack on the Houses of Parliament in London occurred exactly one year after the Belgian attack.  How quickly these things fade from our memories when we are not directly impacted. At the time of these incidents our sense of security is shattered and then time passes and we think everything is irie.

The public at large isn’t privy to the specific rationale for banning the electronics in flight other than the authorities have received information on “imminent threats”.

Just like the limit on the volume on liquids in carry on, would we see global adoption of this policy?  We wait to see!

We have the 45th President of the United States doing all in his power to restrict travel to the US of person from “Muslim majority countries” and we are also hearing many reports of deportations of non US born persons to their countries of birth. ICE’s dragnet is far and wide.

I have observed that in most cases these persons had in the past committed state and federal offences, but they had already served prison time for these offences – double jeopardy!   We would never know the level of intelligence the authorities have on such persons, we just hear their side of the story.

How are these recent incidents affecting your travels plans?   Would I recommend that you lie low until this boils over, if ever?

I can’t tell you what to do, everyone should be tuned in to their own level of comfort and or fear. As for me I will continue to put on my travelling shoes,  soldier on and take advantage  for TSA Pre-check status until it is taken away for whatever reason.

Travelling out of our comfort zone to less travelled places, learning and appreciating other cultures are ways in which we can reduce bigotism and racism etc.   Yes, I know there are people who are well traveled and are still bigoted AF, but for the majority of us, our world view is enhanced by the experience.

Last year I travelled to three South American countries and one Central American country I hadn’t been to before.   The atmosphere in those places are not as tense as in the US and in the U.K.    Threats of terrorism are almost non existent.

Remember to not only travel to places,  travel into your heart and soul as well.

Glenda Jack is an unrepentant traveler and her next trip would be to New York City on business.  

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