A Blogger is Born Every Day 

I write this piece with two of my trusted friends in mind. One now lives in Iran and even though a lot of distance separates us I still always bounce my ideas off her. Isn’t the internet great? I can always depend on her to give me honest feedback.  The other one lives in the US.  She is a communications expert and  with her as well I receive the brutal truth.

PT Barnum, founder of the circus, Barnum and Bailey is credited as having coined the term

a sucker is born every minute

P.T. Barnum

If he were alive today perhaps, he may have similarly coined the term:

A blogger is born every minute

In this “free for all digital age”, where manuscripts, copy and drafts no longer have to be submitted to editors for approval and vetting before they appear in print, Jane and John Doe can write anything for consumption, there’d always be a willing audience/following.

Blogging and VidBlogging are the new means of editorializing and opining, sharing information and misinformation. “Alternative truth” is the new buzz term.

One does not need to have a degree in journalism nor even attend a Journalism 101 class to have a following.

Blogging is the great equalizer.

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers, in cyber space, some paid and sponsored, some using “bots” to boost their following, and some doing it just for the love of blogging. Topics range from racism to politics to the arms race to terrorism to entertainment to gastronomy to travel to LBGQT issues. There would always be a captive audience under the sun.

Then why do I feel I have a niche audience via my slice of blogging paradise: “http://comewithg.blog”?

Here are some reasons:

1. I would like to blog on Caribbean Travel.  Bloggers for Caribbean Travel are few and far between. The Caribbean is much more than the 3 “S’s”. Wouldn’t it be great if we take virtual historical, cultural and gastronomic journeys, when I travel the Caribbean?

Ruins of Palais Sans Souci, Cap-Haitien

2. There aren’t many bloggers journaling the black female ex-pat experience – from experience I can say a lot about why some ex-pats are more equal than others.

3. Whose going to showcase us?  There aren’t many bloggers creating a niche for  the “50+ is the new 25 crowd” – We buy into the Hollywood concept that you stop living when you reach a certain age. No not at all. My circle is living proof.

Janice Prass

There is intersectionality amongst the three and I certainly don’t have all the answers and I may not get a mass audience but write I will on the above topics, even though friend number 2 advised that I should stick to one theme, because my subscribers, all seven of them for now, would be coming to the site looking for topics of a particular slant, she cautioned that they may get confused if I mix it up. This is a valid point, but nonetheless I will continue to rep., tell my own stories and also include those of family and friends.

Happy to have you on this Journey.

Glenda is a Wealth Manager who doesn’t believe that there is any mundane situation, what may seem ordinary can be chronicled into the most exciting tale just using a smart phone as she does.     

11 Replies to “A Blogger is Born Every Day ”

  1. I certainly believe that u can blog on your three areas but one has to b what brings followers to your site ..your strong suite if I may.
    Keep at it single figures will turn into double and triple and pretty soon viola a sponsored site!
    Looking forward to d Expats adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

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