Bermuda is Another World

Bermuda, that tiny island having a relatively temperate climate (debatable during the summer months), located in the Atlantic parallel to North Carolina. No, it is not a part of the Caribbean even though it shares some common cultural habits.

Seven reasons to vacation in Bermuda:

  1. Hospitality

Bermuda prides itself as one of the top destinations in terms of hospitality, nonetheless, please do not commit the cardinal sin of greeting a local with “hello” instead of “good morning”/”good evening”, your punishment would be an icy stare and you will be ignored until you get it right. Bermudians love to show off their genteelness by giving everyone the “time of day”.

2.     Visual beauty

It is said that Bermuda is one of the few places on earth where the scenery is just like it looks on the postcards. Blue skies, turquoise waters, spectacular sunsets, calm reflective sounds/inlets where docked boats rock in the gentle breeze, pink sandy beaches who could ask for more? 

Typical limestone roof

Oh yes, not be forgotten -the candy coloured white roofed houses from which you want to shout “Yesssss I am in Paradise”. Flowers are always in bloom, especially the bermudiana which is the national flower. One of the first thing you notice on stepping off the plane or the cruise ship is the unparalleled cleanliness and order. Bermuda is a big botanical garden.

Grotto Bay St. George

3.     Accessibility

1.5 hour flight from the East Coast, most major airlines will get you there before you can say “Dark and Stormy”. 22 miles long and 1 mile at its widest point, it makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

4.      Transportation services 

Whilst car rentals are not available, you can zip from one place to another on a 50 cc rental scooter, take the ferry or one of the distinctly pink coloured buses. Yes I said “pink bus”. Ensure that you check the schedules since service to some areas is very limited. Caveat – the ferry and bus service operators tend to “attend” Union meetings in the peak tourist periods. Taxi fare is every expensive and Uber is not an option as yet. Sigh!   But I understand there is a local version.   

Scooter 🏍 transport – “a must do”

5.     Accommodation

Most of Bermuda’s hotels would be rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and up and so would the prices with a premium added as well. After all it costs to vacation in paradise! There’d be no shame in your game if you contact your family and or friends for the hook up. Like Uber, Airbnb is not an option.    I now understand there is a local version “White Roof B&B”.   What an apt name.   

6.     Dining Around

Bermuda does have a high number of restaurants per capita. You would find a cuisine to suit every taste from fine dining to budget dining. Street food is not normally available unless it’s at one of the festivals or at Harbour nights which happens during the summer months. Don’t be shy to try the rum swizzles, Well the national dish is codfish and potatoes drowning in tomato sauce, with a hard boiled egg slices of avocado and a banana at the side. Another favourite is the Bermuda fish chowder (reddish brown in colour) with a splash of sherry pepper soaked in Gosling’s rum. Cassava pie is a Christmas staple.

7.     Festival/Sporting destination

Bermuda does have a set calendar of Events and in between there are many musical, cultural and sporting events. Bermuda also is well appointed to host international conference especially in the areas of insurance.
Here’s a list of calendar events which certainly is not exhaustive.

1. January – International Race Weekend and Festival of the Performing Arts 
2. February – Restaurant Week

3. March – International Film Festival and Whale Watching 

4. April – Documentary Film Festival 

5. May – Half Marathon. May 24, Bermuda Day – Bermudian show pride in a parade for which spots are marked and cordoned off a week in advance to witness the floats, the twirlers and the gombeys. This day also marks the commencement of the Swim Season.

6. June – Carnival. Each year this is growing in proportion, it has become Caribbean styled festival whereby renowned soca artistes are invited to perform. There is also a soca/reggae sound off.  

7. July/August – Cup Match, an event for which the island shuts down for two days, Friday and Thursday so that the residents can go out and support one of the two cricket teams East vs West. It is here where d rum cyar done”.

8. August – Harbour Nights and the Non- Mariners Race, a hilarious event for the wannabe seafarerers

9. September – Harbour Nights and lots of summer days in the various parks.

10. October – Golf/Spa

Fairmount Southampton 18 hole Golf Course

11. November – World Rugby Classic

12. December – Christmas Boat Parade 

Once you decide whether you will ride the scooter take, the ferry or the bus, you can do all your sightseeing in one or two days. From witnessing the peppercorn ceremony and the dunking of the wench in the East to taking a dip at Horseshoe Bay in the Middle to having a meal in anyone of the restaurants in the Clock Tower Mall in the Royal Navy Dockyard whilst watching the sun go down or a mega cruise ship pull into or pull out of the deep water harbour, in the West.

Cruise Ship at Dockyard Deepwater Harbour

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