Kingston in a Day? – Then consider Strawberry Hill in the Blue Mountains 

If you want to enjoy Kingston, Jamaica,  in a day I would recommend a visit to Bob Marley Museum and then take a “trip” up to the Blue Mountains and in particular Strawberry Hill or vice versa. Time permitting hop over to Devon House.

Blue Mountains

At Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa grab some lunch (I had a Rasta quinoa salad) and then zen out at the spa. Go in for a facial and get parts of your body massaged as well (lagniappe). Ask for Kerri – you’d be in good hands literally.

Rasta Quinoa Salad

Treatment Room

Whilst enjoying your treatment in one of their small buildings, savor and breathe in (deeply) the fresh blue mountain breeze coming through the big opened jalousied windows (who needs ac?) and listen to the gurgling water 💦 from the koi pond below and from other surrounding mini man made waterfalls. Don’t even imagine for now how it was up there on that plantation 150 years ago.

Taste sight sound smell touch. All natural.

End that perfect day enjoying the sunset of Kingston.

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